ApShiNi is an Non-Profit organization for international philanthropic activities and community service.
Founder & Chairman Dr. Amit Chakrabarty
Urologist, USA

On-Going Projects

Syria & Turkey Emergency Appeal

ApShiNi’s Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

ApShiNi has teamed up with Aarogya Seva and MedGlobal to deliver humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian crisis in form of donation of co-ventilators and other aid.

Co-Ventilators Distribution

Donation of 2000 co-ventilators in India

Dr. Amit Chakrabarty, Chairman of ApShiNi Ventures (www.apshini.org) donation of 2000 co-ventilators have reached India are in the process of being transferred to various government agencies and COVID – treating hospitals in India, with the help of local agencies like Healthcubed, Banglaworldwide and other agencies.

Oxygen Concentrators Distribution

1000 of the 10 L Oxygen concentrators delivered!!

Dr. Amit Chakrabarty, Chairman of ApShiNi Ventures (www.ApShiNi.org) teamed up with Dr. Dayaprasad Kulkarni, physician from Syracuse NY and founder member of Arogyaseva Global Health Alliance (www.aarogyaseva.org) in helping individuals to donate Oxygen related supplies to India during this unprecedented calamity. Dr Gautami Agastiya Krupa Singampalli, Dr. Aparna Vuppala and Mr. Pugazendhi Asaimuthu, Data Management, NJ, and many other volunteers have spent countless hours collecting and coordinating individual donation requests in the USA and co-ordinating with Dr. Daya on the ground in Bengaluru in helping with the local logistics and shipping.  

ApShiNi – AAPI – AArogya Seva project

Apshini Ventures’ Co-Ventillator Project Update

After distribution of 1200 co-ventillators around the country by ApShiNi (www.apshini.org) led by Dr. Amit Chakrabarty, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has taken possession of the remaining units and, with the help of  AarogyaSeva Global Health Volunteer Alliance (USA), is continuing the noble project of distributing 821 Co-Ventilators to serve the affected communities in India due to the COVID 19 epidemic.

Dr. Amit Chakrabarty, Founder and Chair ApShiNi

on National TV in India